Ctrl/o is a Cyber security game FEATURING real cyber-attack scenarios, using a unique blockchain platform and tokenized game assets in a narrative storyworld to engage players in an alternate reality community.

Get your copy of the Ctrl/0 Virus and start taking over the web

VirBizz, the world’s largest cyber crime organization developed a virus that attack money transactions online, hijacking them and converting them to a crypto currency they control.

As the virus spreads across the web, infecting banks and shopping-platforms, the G8 governments created an elite cyber defense force named CYDEF, aimed at taking full control over this unstoppable virus.

Now it’s an all-out-virtual, and very real war, as the two groups battle for control over the spread of the virus, the fate of the internet and the future of the world economy.

Infect the Web

Take control over the web’s processing power to supercharge your cyber and hacking tools

Gain Power

Deceive, trade & negotiate your way to higher levels of strategic and political powers.

F#%K the System

Use your power to take over the storyline and change the narrative and the storyworld.

Cyber Crime


The world's largest online cyber crime organization. It’s a global network built to make money in every way.

cyber cops


An elite global cyber-defense force serving the Illuminati in their attempt to preserve their power over the world economy.  


Entropy Syndicate 

Anarchist hackers with rebellious agenda. A network of misfits with the power to build a new world over the ruins of the old system. 

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